The Smartest Regulation in Aviation

The wise pilot knows there are very few absolutes in aviation. Sure basic tenets such as “only collide with things you intend to collide with (like runways)” and “don’t crash” are by default absolutes, but much beyond ones of that ilk, not many more. But there is one that can just about be guaranteed to […]

Tailwheel: It’s Not Just the Rudder Dummy

Ask any tailwheel pilot what the most important control axis (aileron, elevator, or rudder) is during a landing and you will most certainly get an emphatic “Rudder!”. But in that quick response lies a problem, and the source of so many bent, ground looped, or otherwise damaged, taildraggers. Read the NTSB reports for tailwheel landing […]

The $100 Hamburger is Killing General Aviation

Probably one of the most popular axioms of the American general aviator: The Hundred Dollar Hamburger. A phrase often cited for being behind the times for the true cost of this lunch driven adventure, but still catchy enough to linger on.  The premise is a simple one: have airplane, fly to another airfield, consume food […]